Sometimes the hardest thing about writing is starting. That blank page can be very daunting! This is not unusual - even very experienced writers find themselves in the same situation.

Sometimes inspiration needs a bit of encouragement, and one of the techniques you can use to give it a nudge is freewriting.

Listen to Giselle talk you through freewriting, then scroll down to see the freewriting rules she mentions and begin your first exercise.

Freewriting Rules

Keep your hand moving.

  • Don’t go back and read what you’ve written.
  • Don’t cross out.
  • Don’t think!
  • If you’re stuck, just write nonsense.
  • Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation.
  • Don’t worry about whether what you write makes sense.
  • Write for yourself – forget about any audiences lurking in your head, or any negative voices.
  • Lose control. Stay with whatever comes up. Go off-topic if that’s where it’s going.


Exercise: Freewriting

  • Set a timer to five minutes and freewrite, using the rules above. 
  • Alternatively, you can decide to write until you’ve filled an A4 sized page.
  • If you prefer, choose a random topic, e.g. the room you’re in, or a smell, or what you can see out of your window.

Feel free to use the timer below if you wish.


Done? Excellent! Don't worry about how well you think you've done or whether you feel you've written enough. The aim of this exercise is to get you to loosen up those creativity muscles, let go of your inner editor and allow the ideas to just flow. And that takes practice. Try a little freewriting whenever you have a few moments to spare and you'll be surprised at how quickly it gets easier.

When you've finished with this exercise, move on to the next one - Object Exercise